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Since adding ENS (Ethereum Name Service) Name Tags to Etherscan in May, we’ve kept an eye out for its adoption. The subsequent month has seen tremendous take up of ENS names within the community. For this month’s analysis, we decided to take a deeper look into this recent growth of ENS names on Ethereum. Key highlights include:

  1. 30x increase of new monthly ENS users between Feb and June
  2. ENS users make up a sizable portion of Gitcoin & POAP
  3. ENS users’ holdings equal whale amounts
  4. An Estimated $2.3M of Annualized Revenue

For this article, Addresses wFRR refers to Addresses with…

With the increasing number of EVM chains (three recently announced Etherscan-built explorers!), more of a spotlight should be shone on activity in the addresses bridging Ethereum with them.

In last month’s article, we touched briefly on it. This month we take it further, exploring:

  • Balance held by the respective bridges
  • Deposits and withdrawals on each bridge
  • Breakdown of bridged tokens

To analyze the data we first had to find the relevant bridges. 36 addresses used to bridge Ethereum with 21 chains were identified under the Etherscan Bridge label. If you’re aware of others, please share them with us!

Balance Held

The first…

ETH prices have relentlessly climbed over the course of 2021. Unfortunately for many Ethereum users, this has come at the cost of relentlessly climbing gas prices as well. Prices in the 100's of Gwei have been the norm in 2021 with even 1,000+ Gwei seen at times.

Since late April, the trend has suddenly reversed. While ETH continued reaching all time highs, gas prices dropped abruptly and — more intriguingly — have continued at a lower range.

Data for this article was taken from Etherscan & Flashbots between blocks 11834049 and 12196601 on Ethereum.

Maximal Extractable Value (MEV — previously, Miner Extractable Value) has cast a theoretical shadow over Ethereum and other smart contract blockchains since the release of Flash Boys 2.0 in 2019. In 2020, the thriller-worthy Ethereum is a Dark Forest blog post brought to light how theory had become reality on-chain.

While a terrifying reality, the extent of MEV was not yet clear to all. Enter Flashbots, a collective looking to increase transparency and democratize access in the depths of Ethereum’s dark forest. …

Update: Since publication of this article, EIP 1559 has been confirmed to be deployed in the London hard fork, slated for July 2021!

TL;DR majority of miners opposed, other stakeholders support

With the extreme congestion seen in Ethereum recently, a topic long-discussed has reared its head once again: EIP 1559. While broadly welcomed by most stakeholders in the ecosystem, it has received heavy push back from a majority of miners. In this article we summarize the issue for the average user, going through:

  • Why EIP 1559?
  • Miners’ resistance
  • Potential compromises

Why EIP 1559?

Better fee estimation

EIP 1559 changes the fee market for Ethereum from the…

2021 has been bullish so far for ETH and tokens that live in the Ethereum ecosystem. With virtually all token prices performing well, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking ourselves genius investors.

Categorizing and comparing tokens provides a better sense for their relative performance. Inspired by this spreadsheet tracking token returns, we categorized more than 75 of Ethereum’s top tokens by market cap and compared how they performed in January 2021:

  • 5 best performing categories: Asset management, Gaming, Exchange, L2/Sidechain and Derivative tokens
  • 5 worst performing categories: DAO, BTC-backed, Prediction, Browser and Wrapper tokens
  • 5 miscellaneous categories…

2020 was a challenging year for the whole world. At the same time, it proved to be a positive one for Ethereum — the ecosystem grew unabated on many fronts, making strides into earning our market cap. In this article, we look at some trends seen on the Ethereum blockchain including:

  • Base Layer
  • DeFi
  • Eth2 & L2
  • BTC on Ethereum
  • NFT

Base Layer


The most important metric for many! ETH’s price rallied across 2020, ending the year up 4.8x from $129 to $753. At the time of writing, it is already tearing new heights into 2021! To use a popular benchmark, the…

Data used for this article is as at 30 Nov 2020 and taken from Etherscan and BeaconScan. This article analyzes the deposits made for the launch of Eth2 Phase 0. For a quick primer on Eth2, check out this Reddit post.

162% of target reached!

All eyes have been on the Eth2 Deposit Contract ever since it was announced on November 4th. As it launches today, we highlight 4 takeaways from the Eth2 deposits so far.

  • 80% of required deposits came in the final 2 days
  • Top 20 Addresses Make Up <50% of Deposits
  • OPSEC Practices by the Community
  • Almost $400,000 Tokens in the…

Need some help to win the staking contest? Read on.

Nov 17, 2020: the contest has ended! Scroll below to check how to exit your validators.
Oct 27, 2020: the contest now has 2 external sponsors and the prize money is at 5,000 DAI!

The article below is split into three sections. If you’d like to read on a specific section, scroll further down to it.

  1. What is Guild Warz?
  2. How to set graffiti
  3. How to exit validators
  4. Validator set up guides

What is Guild Warz?

Guild Warz is a pooled staking contest on ETH 2.0 Medalla Testnet.

ETH 2.0 is a fundamental change to the Ethereum blockchain. To ensure its successful deployment…

This article on the UNI token and airdrop used data as at 30 Sep 2020 with Etherscan, Dune Analytics and Twitter as sources.

On 17 September 2020, the Ethereum space woke up to wild news. Uniswap had airdropped 400 UNI to anyone who had ever used the platform!

The face when you walk into the office and teammates tell you about your UNI

Immediately trading at ~$3, the airdrop gave $1,200 worth of tokens to users around the world, leading to inspiring stories and bringing hype back to the ICO heyday.

In this article, we take a look at UNI’s:

Harith Kamarul

Community @etherscan

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